🔔Congratulation! Became PR in 3 months!

🔔IRCC Permanent Residence Confirmation Portal Letter has arrived!


▶️Year of Birth: 1991

▶️Position: Food Service Supervisor

▶️Category: CEC (EE)


▶️EE Pool Registered: June 9, 2021

▶️ITA Received: June 10, 2021

▶️PR application Submitted: August 27, 2021

▶️CoPR Received: November 9, 2021

▶️Became PR on November 22, 2021!!


This client was hesitated to be registered in EE pool since her English score was not high enough. However, we highly recommend her to register into a pool as soon as possible since IRCC is inviting large numbers of candidates in this year. She registered into a pool on June 9 with the CRS score of 386, and the EE-CEC draw was happening on the next after with cut-off score of 368! She was lucky enough to be invited to apply for PR and received her final PR portal letter in 11 weeks.


Our client is now officially Permanent Resident of Canada! Congratulation and thank you for trusting us throughout the whole process.


Canada Immigration is very unpredictable but yet, if you are eligible, do not miss your opportunity! GS Consulting is here to provide a reliable assistant for you. Contact us and have consultation with our consultants.


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